Do you take commissions?

Not right now (sorry!).  My plate is full with published work, so I'm not currently accepting private commissions.  I'll be sure to post on Instagram/Tumblr/Twitter whenever my next commission list opens up.


Will you ever have more of the [insert name of print here] prints in stock?

Maybe!  There are no immediate plans to restock out-of-stock prints, but they may be back at some point.  I’ll post on Instagram/Tumblr/Twitter with any news.


So, what are artist's proofs?

Since I draw completely digitally, artist's proofs are the closest I get to original art in the traditional sense.  After finishing each comic book page/cover, I makes a high-quality, inkjet print (the proof) of the page.  Each proof is 11 x 17" on Strathmore Bristol 500 series board and is signed by me.  Only one proof is sold per page.

Each artist’s proof comes with a tiny, traditionally-drawn doodle, as a thank you.


What do the actual proofs look like?

Like this:


The images for the proofs in the store are of the original digital files.  Physical proofs are the same, with added signature and labelling.  An actual photo of any particular page you're interested in will be provided upon request.


Do you have any other pages or covers for sale that aren't in the store?

Maybe!  If you have a specific page that you're looking for, send me a message with the issue and page number (or description of the page) you're interested in.


What payment do you accept?

All major credit cards are accepted.  If you'd prefer to pay via PayPal, you can request an invoice here.


How will my items be shipped?

All art is packed in plastic sleeves between stiff boards and shipped in rigid or padded envelopes.  Items are shipped via USPS Priority Mail.


Do you ship internationally?

Yep!  For shipments outside of the US, please contact me prior to ordering for a custom shipping quote.


When will I get my stuff?

Please allow 1-2 weeks for processing and shipping.